Airbnb concierge service AirSorted moves to France – but have they had a warm welcome from Google?

AirSorted has set off to conquer the French market. What are their chances of being an SEO success? Keep reading to find out what Google thinks of the different Airbnb concierge services in France.

In July, AirSorted ads popped up all across London – from Gare du Nord videos to the Eurostar magazine and billboards on the city’s iconic double-deckers. Even the Airbnb I stayed at was managed by the company, whose straight talking and sleek service instantly caught my attention.

As France is the No.2 market for Airbnb after the US and AirSorted is poised to set up shop, I thought I’d take a look at the SEO for all short-term rental “sitter” services in France and the opportunities available to AirSorted.

Airsorted home page airbnb management

Airbnb management services in France

In terms of business model, the concierge services are either integrated, full-service (without or without a premium option) or organized as a market place.

All of them offer the same basic services such as taking photos, writing and publishing the property description, search optimization, yield management, customer communications, key pick-up, cleaning and laundry. Continue reading “Airbnb concierge service AirSorted moves to France – but have they had a warm welcome from Google?”

Low-cost long-haul lands in France – and the ETA on Google?

The arrival of lost-cost long-haul flights in France, particularly to the United States, is game changing for travelers. Flights to New York now start at just €159 and you can jet off to Los Angeles for under €200. Despite claims that low-cost long-haul simply isn’t viable, Norwegian is leading the way both on and offline.

Norwegian often pops up in conversations, especially in relation to Los Angeles, a destination previously with very few direct flights from France and sky-high prices as a result of the mono/duopole of Air France and Delta (Skyteam alliance).

By offering direct single fares from €199.90, Norwegian will without doubt boost the number of passengers using this route!

Norwegian home page
Norwegian home page

Norwegian offers direct flights from Paris to Boston, Denver, Miami, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco (as well as medium-haul Scandinavian destinations) to become an airline to watch in France! Continue reading “Low-cost long-haul lands in France – and the ETA on Google?”

5 SEO tips for independent hotels to beat the OTA in France

What is the keyword “hotel” worth in France? What place do OTA occupy in the online tourist accommodation market? In France, who has the No.1 spot –,, Trivago or Tripadvisor? Read on find all the answers, as well as 5 top tips for independent hotels to ace their SEO.

We often accuse online reservation sites of bullying independent hotels by invading Google search results (AdWords and SEO) and taking ever higher commissions on hotel reservations.

When we look at the results for “hotel”on, we see that OTA (Online Travel Agent) dominate the SERP, in particular,,, Trivago and TripAdvisor.

SERP hotels france
“Hotel” results page

Continue reading “5 SEO tips for independent hotels to beat the OTA in France”

TOP ranking Airlines in SEO in France

It’s time for the quarterly airline and flight comparison site barometer! Who ranks best for Paris-London, EasyJet or Air France? Who takes the top spot for the keyword “cheap flights”? Read on to find out…

The flight industry was one of the first to be revolutionized by the

Air Transportation Barometer
Air Transportation Barometer

internet. EasyJet pioneered selling 100% of its flights online from 2000 to avoid a costly distribution system dominated by travel agents, whose commission represented up to 20% (agency and GDS fees). Now that online reservations have become the norm, which airlines and flight comparison sites are faring well when it comes to SEO?

The top keywords for air travel in France:

  • Cheap flights (246K) – “vols pas cher”
  • Airline Tickets (200k) – “billets d’avion”
  • Flight comparison site (200k) -“comparateurs de vols”
  • Paris Barcelona (15k) – “Paris Barcelone”

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Backlinks and 301 : How GoEuro diverts information to get links!

The backlink strategy at GoEuro provides a great example of a linkbaiting campaign that links to less “interesting” pages using 301’s redirect.

As a specialist in airline marketing and tourism, I am always interested in SEO strategies being used in the sector.  When last summer I found a interesting piece of content from Goeuro, a price comparator in transport, I said to myself “what a great example of linkbaiting: utilizing a comparative analysis of travel costs for each European country”.

I put that content aside, telling myself that I was going to use it later to write  an article about linkbaiting, or quality content that naturally leads to links, a backlink strategy. When I finally started, and much to my surprise, I realized that that analysis  could not be found on the net anymore. How was such content just trashed? Continue reading “Backlinks and 301 : How GoEuro diverts information to get links!”

Bus companies in France : liberalization and digital strategy

The bus travel market has developed in France since the passage of the Macron law in August, 2015. So, who are the new players, and what are their digital strategies?

The market for long-distance bus travel was opened to competition during the promulgation of the “Macron” law of 6 August 2015. Since then, many French and foreign companies have begun to open routes in France, thereby creating competition with the French train company SNCF as well as the carpooling service Blablacar. Let’s review how liberalization has impacted competition, market share, and the evolving digital strategies of bus companies in France. Continue reading “Bus companies in France : liberalization and digital strategy”

SEO Strategy in France : flight comparison sites

According to SEMrush, Liligo is the flight comparison website that gets the most amount of organic traffic, as compared to his competitors in France, such as Kayak, Opodo, Easyvoyage and Skyscanner. Looking into further detail, we can see a comprehensive SEO strategy has been driving this in France. Continue reading “SEO Strategy in France : flight comparison sites”