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When you’re planning to hire an expert to help you with your SEO in France, you have the choice between hiring a consultant or hiring an agency. The choice depends on your objectives and on your budget.

Choosing between an agency and an independent consultant

One big advantage of hiring a consultant is that a consultant is usually cheaper than an agency. There is less fixed cost for a consultant and if your budget is low (below 10,000 € / month), you have a better chance to hire someone more senior who will spend the right amount of time on your site. Agencies tend to put a junior level person in charge of lower budgets. However, if you have a big budget and/or want to expand quickly (in many countries at the same time), then an agency with subsidiaries in many countries can be worth the cost.

The best SEO consultants

SEO always has its local experts : ex Black Hats, ex Hackers? But also charismatic speakers and high profile brands SEO managers.

In France, the “Jounal du Net”, an online newspaper specialized in Internet news, tried to rank SEO consultants in an article. When the article came out, a little argument started among SEO pro’s in France: was this ranking based on the SEO consultant’s awareness ? Laurent  finds this argument tiring and believes the winners deserved to win but Marie wonders what criteria she’ll be using to select her 3 best SEO consultant!

Like in other countries the French SEO consultants will participate to SEO contests, the French ones were targeting expressions like “mangeur de cigogne” (seagull eater), “pandaranol” (?), “sentimancho”(?) .

seo services france, ranked individuals

Getting closer to the top 3 : Elodie Gythiel !

Ranking well in, my site is now 3rd on the keyword “Consultant SEO Paris” and ranking 15 on “Consultant SEO”, which i am very proud of.

Ranking seo consultant vs seo consultant paris

The best SEO agencies in France

Trying to find information about agencies ranked by turn over, the only available source of information seems to be the site (table below).

This is a list of agencies ranked by turnover. 1ere position has been around for a long time, but I wish I could check this ranking with other sources.

seo services france, agencies

Oddly it looks like seofrenchteam and indigoextra are the same company (same pictures used on both site, and also they are in the same region of France so could be related (near Montpellier/Carcassone).

The best SEO blogs in France

Another way to look at the SEO offer in France is to have a look at SEO blogs.

In this list provided by Teads Labs, the reference for blog ranking in France, we can find some familiar SEO people like Olivier Andrieu for Abondance and Philippe Yonnet for SEO camp, but also some other successful blogs like Blog Axe-net, miss seo girl and SEO Mix .

top blogs seo teads labs


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