Meal Delivery Service: Key Players, Local Awareness and Organic Traffic

During football matches, specially now during the Euro, most French prefer not to miss any action while at home with family and friends. Enters the food delivery option. Let’s focus on the digital strategy of the home delivery market players in France : brand awareness via Google, industry keywords, best performer within the SEO scene…

Allo Resto, a  main player in the French market, effectively marketed during the Euro 2016 championships, offering deliveries whenever a goal was scoredHowever,  Allo Resto and it’s 15,000 delivery scooter drivers, are facing a new strong competition : the cyclists.

Since the increase in the internet ordering/delivery business, newcomers have indeed appeared in France, or, at least in Paris, with some of these even coming from abroad.  Delivery bikers, working as freelancers (AKA auto-entrepreneurs), sometimes for more than one company, are creating the link between the restaurants and home, through  web platforms and apps.  Thus, providing a form of “Uberization” to the home food delivery process.

The main players in the home food delivery market:

  • Allo Resto: established in 1998 – 80% owned by Just Eat UK: 4,000 Restaurants, 105 million meals delivered worldwide.
  • Resto-In : established in: 2007 -150 to 200 restaurants in Paris.
  • Deliveroo: established in 2013 in the UK – 1000 restaurants, 1 million meals served in France.
  • Take Eat Easy: Belgium, in France since 2014 (now closed)
  • Foodora: established in 2014 Germany (Munich) 
  • UberEats: Paris is the first city served outside the United States

Digital strategy: the most Food Delivery Googled brands and keywords

Allo Resto enjoys the reputation of its brand and its seniority in the French market with 450k queries per month.  Deliveroo is next and appears as the best-known new entrant, followed by Take Eat Easy  and Foodora. Data from SEMrush.

searches brand home delivery meals

Share of awareness in Paris : Allo Resto and Deliveroo are ahead of the competition.

Brand awareness in Paris for delivery services

share monthly queries home delivery meal paris

Impact of awareness on digital strategy : differences in organic traffic

Alloresto and Resto In take advantage of their history and previous investment to stay ahead in terms of organic traffic, as organic traffic includes brand keywords (SEMrush data).

organic traffic france home meal delivery 2016

Take Eat Easy seems to be getting more non brand traffic than its competitors.

Take Eat Easy : challenging the awareness race ?

Allo Resto and Deliveroo are ahead in terms of awareness, which is easy to understand : if you live in Paris you can see a lot of advertising, outdoor or in the metro. But Take Eat Easy has obviously been investing in SEO, maybe in order to spend less in awareness than it’s competitors ?

The home delivery market for meals in France:

  • A delivery market that now commands a billion dollars in a restaurant market totaling 8 billion in France.
  • Restaurants are now open on Sunday night, just for food delivery, a night that has been traditionally neglected for restaurant dinners.
  • This market continues to grow, as online orders presently account for 30% of total orders, versus 70% for telephone orders.
  • Paris, with its density and large number of restaurants, appears to be the testing ground for this evolving marketplace..
  • The sector is expanding and now extends to breakfast at home on the weekend, as well as meals delivered to  businesses during the week.
  • The sites have now developed sales teams to help advise restaurateurs on their menus, packaging as well as help to provide product descriptions and  professional photos of their dishes.
  • This effort can be profitable: home delivery can make up to 40% of all sales for a restaurant.

If you are in the meal delivery service sector and you feel you may benefit from improved  SEO, please feel free to ask questions in comments or to contact me !


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