Internet Users In France

Internet usage in France : the impact of the Minitel on internet access, comparison with UK and Germany, and with Italy and Spain

Historically, the internet usage in France has been lower than its european neighbors, some say that the reason is that the internet was mostly available in english, or that French people being more latin are reticent to use credit cards online. but France had developed its own version of the internet in the 80’s : the Minitel. 

The Internet’s predecessor : the Minitel

The Minitel started in 1983, pride of the french technological companies and monopolies ( Mitterrand was elected in 1981). A big effort was made to educate the population and the state distributed free terminals to whoever had a phone line.

Minitel terminalThe truth is that 20% of the households had a minitel in 1993, and the Minitel covered free and paying services : yellow and white pages, train tickets, public services, dating services… Some current successful entrepreneurs in France come from the Minitel dating industry : Xavier Niel (Free), Marc Simoncini (Meetic).

Did the minitel help the rise of the internet by training the french population to use a terminal? Or was is a competitor to the internet?  Continue reading “Internet Users In France”

How to get Clicks from France ?

Does your site need more clicks from France? Here are a few tips to increase your chances. Best thing to start with is SEO, followed by tailored marketing initiatives:

A translated website

Since 1994, all companies operating in France must have translated advertisements and communications, including websites. Besides the legal obligation, a translated website is recommended as a majority of the French population don’t speak English regularly nor do they search the Internet in English. Continue reading “How to get Clicks from France ?”

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