Meal Delivery Service: Key Players, Local Awareness and Organic Traffic

During football matches, specially now during the Euro, most French prefer not to miss any action while at home with family and friends. Enters the food delivery option. Let’s focus on the digital strategy of the home delivery market players in France : brand awareness via Google, industry keywords, best performer within the SEO scene…

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SEO Strategy in France : flight comparison sites

According to SEMrush, Liligo is the flight comparison website that gets the most amount of organic traffic, as compared to his competitors in France, such as Kayak, Opodo, Easyvoyage and Skyscanner. Looking into further detail, we can see a comprehensive SEO strategy has been driving this in France. Continue reading “SEO Strategy in France : flight comparison sites”

SEO Services In France

When you’re planning to hire an expert to help you with your SEO in France, you have the choice between hiring a consultant or hiring an agency. The choice depends on your objectives and on your budget.

Choosing between an agency and an independent consultant

One big advantage of hiring a consultant is that a consultant is usually cheaper than an agency. There is less fixed cost for a consultant and if your budget is low (below 10,000 € / month), you have a better chance to hire someone more senior who will spend the right amount of time on your site. Agencies tend to put a junior level person in charge of lower budgets. However, if you have a big budget and/or want to expand quickly (in many countries at the same time), then an agency with subsidiaries in many countries can be worth the cost. Continue reading “SEO Services In France”

How to get Clicks from France ?

Does your site need more clicks from France? Here are a few tips to increase your chances. Best thing to start with is SEO, followed by tailored marketing initiatives:

A translated website

Since 1994, all companies operating in France must have translated advertisements and communications, including websites. Besides the legal obligation, a translated website is recommended as a majority of the French population don’t speak English regularly nor do they search the Internet in English. Continue reading “How to get Clicks from France ?”