Queries during the Paris attacks

in this sad Tuesday afternoon, I came to Mutinerie, my cowork space, to try and do something else besides refreshing my news feed, my Facebook page or my Twitter feed…  What else is there to do in such terrible times? I decided to go take a look at the attacks in Google trends….

13th November, 22.30 : the French google “gunfire”, singular (fusillade)

gunfire attack 13 nov


14 November, 07.30 : the query “attack”, singular, wins

gunfire attack 14 nov

Regarding the format, video is stronger, then photo bataclan picks up

video photo attack

What do we learn?

  • French people believe first that a gunfire happens, and the day after they know its a terror attack
  • French people go to bed early : some of them found out about the attacks only the day after
  • French people want to see more videos first in such an event, then they look for specific photos (the forbidden one in the concert hall bataclan)

Regarding the location, the Bataclan gets the most queries

Which isn’t a surprise seeing the length of the assault in Bataclan vs other locations, and can also be helped by a higher awareness of that concert hall, vs smaller bars and restaurant

bars bataclan

The rest of the worlds queries peak at 03.30 french time, for the expression “paris attacks”

paris attacks

But this time , the words attack and attacks are both used, while the french always prefer the singular.

paris attacks attack

Useless exercise, not much to learn from that analysis, and i am not trying to rank on a specific keyword, even if I ended up optimizing this page on “queries Paris attacks”, but it kept me busy for a couple of hours and thats what I needed. The attacks happened in my neighborhood, my brain is just not available for anything else right now….

UPDATE 14 DEC : just found an official google trend analysis about the Paris attacks – thought it might be interesting to share it – and an article found on El Pais about “Atentado en París” for the Spanish speakers …

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