Links to the Right Wing Primary in France : What links for which candidates?

Who has the most amount of links pointing to their sites, Fillon or Juppé? Neither of them ! Sarkozy is way above them both, and Le Figaro is generous in distributing links to those right wing candidates.

After initially reviewing the Primary’s keywords, our analysis of the primary’s SEO usage continues.  We will now analyze the link profiles of the different candidates who participated in the Right’s Primary. Google prefers sites with history and links, so the challenge for this type of site will be its lifespan. When to launch, when to cease, and what to do with the domain name and links once the election has past?

Domain comparison for the main primary candidates

Sarkozy’s site is comfortably  in the lead for the number of its domains according to SEMRush: 362 domain names target him, compared to 62 for Juppé, 45 and 26 each for Fillon and NKM, respectively. may have also benefited from its generic domain name, while all other candidates opted for a domain name that includes the date 2017.  It may also be possible that these links were generated  by campaigns critics and foes who wanted to prevent Sarkozy’s return to the Elysée.  A more in depth analysis of those sites could help us determine that.  As of now, Juppé seems to have benefited from a campaign that lasted longer than Fillon’s. The longest a site is up, the most chances it has to get articles and links.

domains right wing primaire

Link comparison by candidate and domain

number of links primary

Logically, since the site has more domains it comes before everyone else in amount of links. The sites that have produced the most links to each candidate appear to be either fan sites (see Jean Claude Lenoir for Fillon for example), or links from older sites such as, (Nathalie Kosciusko Morizet), in order  to manage the problem of online lifespan …

Media links to candidate sites

By selecting high authority websites, one can see the media’s active links to the candidate sites, which also means understanding how medias help the candidates, either consciously or unconsciously, by sending them quality  SEO “juice”.

right wing primary links

In this regard, Le Figaro is generous to Fillon, Juppé, Sarkozy and Macron, while the JDD seems to prefer NKM and Juppé. Le Monde does not offer any links to these sites. Libération solely links with Fillon. It might be interesting to employ this same analysis with the left-wing candidates: this is why we have started to follow Macron !


In terms of links, Sarkozy’s advantage did not really materialized as the site had not been fully SEO optimized.  Much like the other primary candidates, they all ranked solely on their names, and missed the benefit of employing generic expressions that would have helped them to recruit additional party members or voters.

A Solution?

A long term SEO strategy would have helped secure key phrases and links. For example, for NKM, ranking on a keyword such as “freelance work” , by producing content, (articles and studies) and communicating about it, would have allowed her to convince potential voters for coming elections.

Have you spotted any sites that contain an interesting link profile? Let us know !

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