Keyword SEO Consultant France December 2015

this is an excerpt for the decembre 2015 seo keyword article

Last month was a bit of a spring cleaning for my Clicks From France blog.
I was hesitating in between having actual pages for my main keywords, or having them in categories opening up straight in the menu. I decided to test the latter one on this English site, since my French site has pages. Continue reading “Keyword SEO Consultant France December 2015”

Keyword SEO Consultant France November 2015

Making ranking progress on some keywords, even if my traffic is still very low…

SEO consultant keywords November 2015

Now 4 for the query “Top websites France”, and 2nd page for “seo freelance France, “seo in France”, “seo services France” and “internet users France”. Continue reading “Keyword SEO Consultant France November 2015”