SEO performance of mono-product mattress websites in France

Mono-product mattress brands – Tediber, Eve Matelas, Bruno, Casper & Co – are now developing in France. But, who is winning over the French market on the web: French startups or their European and American competitors? Who ranks best with Google?

Following in the footsteps of pastry shops, restaurants and accessories brands, mono-product websites offering online purchase and home delivery are now flourishing in the French mattress market. The main players are French Tediber, British Eve Mattress, German Bruno and American Casper. Let’s look at what Google thinks of these brands and to what extent they are disrupting this slightly sleepy market.
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The Left wing Primary 2017: keywords

Which of the candidate to the left wing primary gets more visits on its website? Hamon or Valls? Or is it the outsiders Macron or Melenchon? Will website optimization have an impact on the French presidential elections in May? Some answers to these questions in this article !

After analyzing the Right’s primary keywords, let’s now review the Left.   Of the major primary candidates from the left, who received the most visits to their site? Was it Hamon or Valls? Or was it the outsiders, Macron and Melenchon? Does site optimization influence presidential elections? Let’s see if we can find the answers to these questions in our analysis.

As with the Right primaries, Google Trends provides an interesting analysis of the different queries based on the trending popularity of the candidates. It is important to keep abreast of various news reports as they relate not only to the primaries and candidates themselves, but to also track regional specifics which include the popular requests of all things politically related – presidential poll, Pénélope Fillon, debate Hamon Valls, slap, universal income, etc. Continue reading “The Left wing Primary 2017: keywords”

Keywords in the Right Wing’s Primary: candidate names or generic keywords?

Let’s analyze the keywords found within the websites of the 2 major candidates who participated in the second round of the right wing primary in France : Alain Juppé and François Fillon. Did these websites answer the questions of Internet users and did they also help recruit new voters?

In these political times of the right, left and center, a constant source of interesting information is Google Trends. There, any aspiring journalist or curious party can be led to neatly condensed information thanks to Google newslab which provides insight about candidate queries and searches. The most often asked questions include words such as: program, difference, Israel, “pain au chocolat”, age, Libya, marriage for all, and abortion. Let’s begin, shall we? Continue reading “Keywords in the Right Wing’s Primary: candidate names or generic keywords?”

Keyword analysis for meal delivery services

The market for food delivery online, or also what is being called the “Food Tech” is booming. Order food for breakfast, a basket of organic veggies, a meal created by neighbors, or a home chef, everything is possible now thanks to the internet. Below is a short analysis of the keywords used in the restaurant food delivery service. Continue reading “Keyword analysis for meal delivery services”

Keyword SEO Consultant France December 2015

this is an excerpt for the decembre 2015 seo keyword article

Last month was a bit of a spring cleaning for my Clicks From France blog.
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Queries during the Paris attacks

in this sad Tuesday afternoon, I came to Mutinerie, my cowork space, to try and do something else besides refreshing my news feed, my Facebook page or my Twitter feed…  What else is there to do in such terrible times? I decided to go take a look at the attacks in Google trends…. Continue reading “Queries during the Paris attacks”

Keyword SEO Consultant France November 2015

Making ranking progress on some keywords, even if my traffic is still very low…

SEO consultant keywords November 2015

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