Keyword analysis for meal delivery services

The market for food delivery online, or also what is being called the “Food Tech” is booming. Order food for breakfast, a basket of organic veggies, a meal created by neighbors, or a home chef, everything is possible now thanks to the internet. Below is a short analysis of the keywords used in the restaurant food delivery service.

Previously, I looked at the impact of the digital strategy being used by these market players. Now, I will analyze the generic keywords in the profession, and see who comes out best for those non brand keywords.

Keywords analysis for ordering  food online in France:

keyword delivery service include pizza

Pizza wins the most  votes, though mostly because of its history as the most considered home meal  reference.  Pizza manufacturers and pizzerias have long built networks via scooter delivery.  Sushi has followed this idea, but on a smaller scale. Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Allo and Allo Sushi also carry strong brand notoriety.

keyword except pizza

When you remove “pizza” from the keywords, you can see expressions such as “order to eat ” (commander a manger), or the strength of expressions such  as “Indian restaurant paris” and “meal delivery” (livraison repas : monthly 2900 requests).

Keywords for the meal delivery sector, therefore, revolve around different cuisines (pizza / sushi / Indian), the “delivery” words (deliveries / order /to order home), coupled with geographic information (Paris, 1st arrondissement, Lille) .

Deliveroo does well working off the backs on the names of the restaurants (Big Fermand (40,000 monthly queries or Mme. Shawn) they service.  It  also ranks second on the term “livraison repas” (delivery meals).

Foodora and Ubereats are a little behind mainly because they have just started their businesses in Paris, January 2016  and May 2016, respectively.

Keyword analysis for TakeEatEasy

TakeEatEasy is the big winner in terms of organic traffic excluding brand names :

  • They rank better than Deliveroo on “Big Fernand”
  • They are ranking first on on “Paris delivery”
  • And they are very good at local ranking in smaller French towns.

When looking at their site more closely, you can see that they put a lot of effort and creativity in their content:

screen copy take eat easy

Among the most important targeted keywords :

keywords take eat easy

Their current ranking must make their competitors envious ! Only time will tell if SEO can compensate for the lack of awareness in this market 😉

August 2016 update : since the 26th of July, Take Eat Easy has filed for bankruptcy.  So despite their solid online performance, they went bust. Perhaps this was a result of too many players, too many new markets and, of course, no more cash. What will happen now in the meal delivery market? We will continue to follow the news, see who might acquire Take Eat Easy, and then watch what they’ll do with the Take Eat Easy website.

Do you know any examples of companies that have won over their  market share thanks to SEO?

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