Airbnb concierge service AirSorted moves to France – but have they had a warm welcome from Google?

AirSorted has set off to conquer the French market. What are their chances of being an SEO success? Keep reading to find out what Google thinks of the different Airbnb concierge services in France.

In July, AirSorted ads popped up all across London – from Gare du Nord videos to the Eurostar magazine and billboards on the city’s iconic double-deckers. Even the Airbnb I stayed at was managed by the company, whose straight talking and sleek service instantly caught my attention.

As France is the No.2 market for Airbnb after the US and AirSorted is poised to set up shop, I thought I’d take a look at the SEO for all short-term rental “sitter” services in France and the opportunities available to AirSorted.

Airsorted home page airbnb management

Airbnb management services in France

In terms of business model, the concierge services are either integrated, full-service (without or without a premium option) or organized as a market place.

All of them offer the same basic services such as taking photos, writing and publishing the property description, search optimization, yield management, customer communications, key pick-up, cleaning and laundry.

These sitters take a 15-20%, plus a cleaning fee re-billed directly to the customer via the platform. Using a sitter means getting 25-30% less for your property, but in return guarantees an optimized occupation rate and a higher revenue (and much less hassle).

AirSorted has an advantage over its competitors when it comes to pricing:

airsorted 15 %
hostmaker 18 %
bnbsitter 20 %
bnblord 18 %
wellkeys 20 %

Some companies also offer additional services to stand out from the crowd:

  • Airsorted (GB): professional cleaning services, hotel-quality bed linen
  • Hostmaker (GB): interior design service
  • BnB sitter (France): customized services from €14.50 a month
  • BnBLord (France): assistance buying rental properties
  • Wellkeys (France): customized services from €16

The sites that stand out for the keyword “conciergerie Airbnb” (Airbnb management)

BnBsitter races ahead of competitors for the keyword “conciergerie AirBnB” – the brand is also well-known with 3,800 monthly searches. Wellkeys takes 2nd & 3rd place, while BnBlord comes in at No.4 (AhRef data).

France SERP AirBnB management

Comparison site takes 5th place, but their SEO performance leave a little to be desired (see below).

Google’s first page is also home to guestready, hostnfly, wehost, and two news articles.

Let’s take a peek at the organic traffic for the different players (SEMrush):

Monthly traffic Keywords Domains
bnbsitter 9000 2500 193
bnblord 7000 2400 44
welkeys 3600 2500 115
hostmaker 645 223 248 271 546 15
airsorted 13 33 3

Once again, BnBSitter is a step ahead with 9,000 monthly visits (all keywords), with BnBLord coming in with 7,000 and Welkeys 3,600. The British competitors are lagging a long way behind.

To better understand the potential of these players, let’s now compare the results with the British market:

Monthly traffic Keywords Domains
France hostmaker 645 223 248
airsorted 13 33 3
GB hostmaker 2500 287 248
airsorted 7300 605 102

AirSorted fares far better than its competitor (Hostmaker) in Great Britain in terms of traffic. Further analysis is required to understand  if that traffic is converting traffic though !

AirHosted only has a few links in France – did they make the right choice in opting for a .fr (ccTLD) domain name? Did they really have any alternative with a .uk domain in Great Britain? Regardless, they’ll definitely have a lot of backlinks to build to stand out in the French market.

In terms of keywords, they will also need to be creative as the terms describing their services – like “conciergerie Airbnb” (Airbnb concierge service) or “gestion Airbnb” (Airbnb management) don’t generate huge search volumes – only 1,300 and 200 each month respectively.

AirSorted, I’m ready to take on the challenge!

Have you already tested these Airbnb management services ? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below!

Low-cost long-haul lands in France – and the ETA on Google?

The arrival of lost-cost long-haul flights in France, particularly to the United States, is game changing for travelers. Flights to New York now start at just €159 and you can jet off to Los Angeles for under €200. Despite claims that low-cost long-haul simply isn’t viable, Norwegian is leading the way both on and offline.

Norwegian often pops up in conversations, especially in relation to Los Angeles, a destination previously with very few direct flights from France and sky-high prices as a result of the mono/duopole of Air France and Delta (Skyteam alliance).

By offering direct single fares from €199.90, Norwegian will without doubt boost the number of passengers using this route!

Norwegian home page
Norwegian home page

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SEO & Fashion: 3 major differences between the UK and French markets

When it comes to Google searches for fashion in the UK and France, the weather doesn’t hold all the answers! Which items of clothing hit the top search spot in each country? Which sites rank best for these searches? Are there any French companies snapping up market share in the UK and vice versa?

Comparing fashion-related keywords for France and the UK tells us a lot about the kind of products in high demand in both countries. This provides valuable insights for e-shops hoping to set up on the other side of the Channel, so they can target the most popular products and adapt their offer.

seo for fashion websites
WebCEO .com

Overall volume of fashion searches

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France Country Managers: 7 tips to boost your SEO

As a country manager for France you may well have grasped the importance top notch SEO to succeed in the French market. But, how much do you know about the state of your SEO in France? In this article, I’m going to show you how to analyze your SEO in relation to other European markets and give you 4 tips to optimize your SEO, whether your SEO is managed by your company headquarters or you’re recruiting an SEO agency in France.

Are you in charge of the French market at an international company? Country Manager France, Head of France, Marketing Manager France…whatever your exact title, you have lots of projects on the go, a small or inexistent team and very little time to spend on SEO.

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5 SEO tips for independent hotels to beat the OTA in France

What is the keyword “hotel” worth in France? What place do OTA occupy in the online tourist accommodation market? In France, who has the No.1 spot –,, Trivago or Tripadvisor? Read on find all the answers, as well as 5 top tips for independent hotels to ace their SEO.

We often accuse online reservation sites of bullying independent hotels by invading Google search results (AdWords and SEO) and taking ever higher commissions on hotel reservations.

When we look at the results for “hotel”on, we see that OTA (Online Travel Agent) dominate the SERP, in particular,,, Trivago and TripAdvisor.

SERP hotels france
“Hotel” results page

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Everybody Lies, Except to Google!

The new book from Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, “Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are” makes for some interesting SEO reading. What do Google searches reveal about political bias and sexism in the United States, France and the UK?

Following in the wake of Freakonomics, Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are is a gold mine of information for quantitative analysis fans, and particularly if you’re interested in SEO.

everybody lies - seth stephens davidowitz

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The French SEO Airline Barometer

It’s time for the quarterly airline and flight comparison site barometer! Who ranks best for Paris-London, EasyJet or Air France? Who takes the top spot for the keyword “cheap flights”? Read on to find out…

The flight industry was one of the first to be revolutionized by the

Air Transportation Barometer
Air Transportation Barometer

internet. EasyJet pioneered selling 100% of its flights online from 2000 to avoid a costly distribution system dominated by travel agents, whose commission represented up to 20% (agency and GDS fees). Now that online reservations have become the norm, which airlines and flight comparison sites are faring well when it comes to SEO?

The top keywords for air travel in France:

  • Cheap flights (246K) – “vols pas cher”
  • Airline Tickets (200k) – “billets d’avion”
  • Flight comparison site (200k) -“comparateurs de vols”
  • Paris Barcelona (15k) – “Paris Barcelone”

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SEO performance of mono-product mattress websites in France

Mono-product mattress brands – Tediber, Eve Matelas, Bruno, Casper & Co – are now developing in France. But, who is winning over the French market on the web: French startups or their European and American competitors? Who ranks best with Google?

Following in the footsteps of pastry shops, restaurants and accessories brands, mono-product websites offering online purchase and home delivery are now flourishing in the French mattress market. The main players are French Tediber, British Eve Mattress, German Bruno and American Casper. Let’s look at what Google thinks of these brands and to what extent they are disrupting this slightly sleepy market.

JDN - Matresses prices comparison France
Source JDN – Mattress price comparison, France

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Backlinks French presidential elections 2017: who get the media’s vote?

If we apply Google’s Page Rank methodology to the French media, where 1 link = 1 vote in favour, which candidates get the most votes? Read on to find out what the mainstream French media really think!

With the French presidential elections hovering on the horizon, I decided to take a closer look at the links leading from key media sites to the main candidates to see if they’ve picked their winner.

I’ve already delved into the links behind the sites of the right-wing primary candidates. But this time I decided to get a complete overview of the 5 main contenders before breaking down the results by media type e.g. regional press, magazines and pure players.

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The Left wing Primary 2017: keywords

Which of the candidate to the left wing primary gets more visits on its website? Hamon or Valls? Or is it the outsiders Macron or Melenchon? Will website optimization have an impact on the French presidential elections in May? Some answers to these questions in this article !

After analyzing the Right’s primary keywords, let’s now review the Left.   Of the major primary candidates from the left, who received the most visits to their site? Was it Hamon or Valls? Or was it the outsiders, Macron and Melenchon? Does site optimization influence presidential elections? Let’s see if we can find the answers to these questions in our analysis.

As with the Right primaries, Google Trends provides an interesting analysis of the different queries based on the trending popularity of the candidates. It is important to keep abreast of various news reports as they relate not only to the primaries and candidates themselves, but to also track regional specifics which include the popular requests of all things politically related – presidential poll, Pénélope Fillon, debate Hamon Valls, slap, universal income, etc. Continue reading “The Left wing Primary 2017: keywords”